Quiz of the Year 2014: The Ultimate Major Quiz

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Golf historian Alun Evans sets the questions on the ultimate Majors examination

Q1 a) Who in 2014 became only the third golfer to win three different Majors by the age of 25? (1) b) Who were the others? (2)

Q2 a) Who in 2014 became only the third golfer to finish in the top five of all four of the year’s Majors? (1) b) Who were the others? (2)

Q3 a) In what years were the Open Championship and the US Open inaugurated? (2)
b) In what years were the PGA Championship and the Masters inaugurated? (2)

Q4 a) Before Rory McIlroy in 2014, who was the last player to win back-to-back Majors in the same season? (1)

b) Who was the last player to win the same Major back-to-back? (1)

Q5 a) Who is the oldest runner-up in any Major (1); how old was he (1), and when (1) and where (1) was it achieved?
b) Who beat him? (1)

Q6 a) In 2000-01, Tiger Woods won four consecutive Majors, the so-called ‘Tiger Slam’. What, in chronological order, were they? (1) 
b) Before Tiger, only one other player had won three Majors in the same year. Who was he (1), when did it occur (1), and what Major didn’t he win (1)?

Q7 a) Which Open Championship course disappeared from the rota between 1967 and 2006? (1)
b) Which US Open course, first used in 1896, held its second US Open in 1986, 90 years later? (1)

Q8 a) Paul Lawrie won his only Open by winning a three-way play- off. When (1) and where (1) did this occur and who tied second (2)?

b) Bobby Jones retired after his ‘annus mirabilis’ when he achieved the Grand Slam, the ‘impregnable quadrilateral’ of golf. When did it occur (1), and what events made up the Slam (4)?

Q9 a) In the PGA Championship, two players have won five times each. Who were they? (2)
b) What was the fundamental difference between their wins? (1)

Q10 a) In 1949, a great tradition was begun in the Masters. What was it (1), and who was its first beneficiary (1)? b) Honorary starters is another tradition unique to the Masters, going back to 1963. The current honorary starters were known in their time as ‘The Big Three’. Who are they? (3)

Q11 a) Tiger Woods has set the lowest 72-hole total to par (-19) to win any Major. He also holds four of the five -18 winning totals in Majors. When (1), what event (1) and where did he set the record (1)?

b) Apart from Tiger, who is the only other player to have shot -18 to win a Major? (1)

Q12 a) In 1907 the Open was won for the first time by a player from mainland Europe. Who was he (1), what was his nationality (1) and where did he achieve it (1)?
b) Who was the next Open winner from continental Europe (1); when (1) and where (1)?

Q13 a) There have only been five players to have won all four Majors – a ‘career slam’. Who was the first? (1) b) Who are the other four? (4)

Q14 a) Which golf course has hosted the most American Majors? (1) b) Which course comes next with 11? (1) 

Q15 a) In the 2014 European Ryder Cup team there were only four Major winners. Who are they? (4) b) In the USA side there were six. Name them. (6)

Q16 a) Which Briton has won most Opens? (1)
b) There have been four Brits who have won both The Open and US Open. Who are they? (4)

Q17 a) The Hon Co of Edinburgh Golfers have welcomed The Open to Muirfield since 1892, but where did they host six other Opens between 1874 and 1889? (1)
b) The Open’s original home was Prestwick. Which local course effectively replaced it on the rota? (1)

Q18 a) Who is the youngest winner of any Major? (1) b) And the oldest? (1)

Q19 a) Which player has achieved most runner-up positions in Majors? (1)
b) Which player never to have won a Major has the most runner-up spots? (1)

Q20 a) Australia has produced 10 Major champions. Name them. (Clue: one is a naturalised American) (10)
b) The rest of the current Commonwealth, UK excepted, has produced another 12. How many can you name? (12)

To view the answers CLICK HERE

Under 10 – Have you heard of the Open Championship?
10-30 – It’s Regional Qualifying for you next year
31-50 – You might sneak into the PGA (as a club pro)
51-60 MDF
61-70 Solid top 10
71-80 Major champion 
81-90 Multiple Major champion 
91-99 One of the greats
Maximum Score 100 – A Bobby Jones-esque Grand Slam.

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