There have been some pretty dreadful outfits donned at the biennial clash. NCG runs through nine of the worst Presidents Cup outfits

It’s the sport where we’re usually individuals – and that goes right down to what we choose to wear.

Whether it’s an exclusive line for the headliners or a trademark accessory a player is not seen without, we can see some wild outfits each week on the tours.

But there’s a beauty about team events – the chance to bond by dressing uniformly, putting sponsorships and fashion preferences aside.

Now we say there is a beauty to this, but it’s so often lost when a woeful design is unveiled that does no one any sartorial favours.

But is that jumper really a fashion gem, or a massive faux pas?

So let’s get our teeth stuck into some of the worst Presidents Cup outfits to have been donned by the USA and the Internationals.

9. USA – 1994

Presidents Cup outfits

Not the flashiest outfit to begin with, but there’s a little too much going on with those polos. Elmer the Elephant would be proud of patches like those on the upper half and sleeves.