Sergio Garcia has been at it again.

The Masters champion is well known for his outstanding ability on the course but there is a darker side to the Spaniard that is always waiting to erupt at the slightest sign of his game derailing.

There have been several incidents down the years where Garcia has broken equipment, thrown clubs into water and even kicked his own shoe down the fairway in a fit of rage.

His latest meltdown came at the Dell Technologies Championship. The 37-year-old smashed his putter on a sprinkler head after a poor attempt for an eagle putt.

Given the putter had been bent out of shape, and not in general play, he was unable to use it. Instead, he was forced to rotate between his fairway wood, driver, 3-iron and wedge on the greens.

Garcia’s latest moment of rage got us thinking: what other incidents of pro’s throwing tantrums have there been down the years?

Hennie Otto misses putt (several times) at the 2005 Nashua Masters

There are few things worse than narrowly missing a putt you thought would nestle in the back of the cup.

When this happened to South African Hennie Otto at the Nashua Masters, he probably should have marked his ball and taken a deep breath before attempting his next putt.

Watch his cringeworthy putting meltdown in all its glory…

Sergio has a bunker meltdown

We have all been here, Sergio. When the dreaded sand pit has ruined a good score, who hasn’t taken a few chunks out of the bunker with their club?

Well, maybe not at a high profile event like the 2010 PGA Championship in front of the TV cameras and scores of spectators.

Spare a thought for Haotong Li’s mum

A third place finish at this year’s Open was undoubtedly the highlight of Haotong Li’s season but what happened at the Open de France might go down as his worst moment.

Letting his frustrations get the better of him, the Chinese star chucked his putter into a murky lake next to the 11th green at Le Golf National.

And much to the amusement of the next group playing through, they spotted Haotong Li’s mother wading through the water to fetch her son’s putter.

“Oh my!”

We could easily have a Quick 9 devoted entirely to the tantrums of Sergio Garcia.

But this incident at the Thailand Golf Championship in 2011 is one of the finest moments of his club-chucking career.

The commentator’s reaction is also pure gold.

Anything Sergio can do…

Here’s Rory McIlroy’s attempt at replicating his Ryder Cup teammate at the 2105 Cadillac Championship.

He still salvaged a bogey. What’s all the fuss about then, Rory?

A real headbanger from Woody Austin

Veteran golfer Woody Austin decided to use his noggin’ for something other than thinking during a terrible round at the Verizon Heritage way back in 1997.

His lacklustre attempt at a 30-yard putt comes up way short, and so Austin decides to punish himself with his putter shaft.

When throwing your club just isn’t enough

Sergio is back again.

This time he is taking his frustration out on his shoe after slipping while taking a tee shot at the 1999 World Match Play from Wentworth.

The Iceman loses his cool

There have been many cases down the years of 2016 Open champion Henrik Stenson snapping clubs and even chucking his expensive gear into water hazards.

But at the 2007 Open from Carnoustie it was a tee marker that got the full brunt of his displeasure.

The Swede endured a torrid time on the blustery Scottish links, failing to make the cut.

Just another John Daly meltdown

This list wouldn’t be complete without the eccentric John Daly making an appearance.

The 1991 PGA champion went into full self-destruct mode at the 2015 staging of the tournament at Whistling Straits.

The two-time major winner hit three balls into Lake Michigan at the par-3 7th on his way to a septuple bogey.

So it is perhaps understandable when he decided his club needed to follow his golf balls into the depths of the lake.