3. Doug Sanders, 1970 St Andrews

Doug Sanders stood over a putt of less than three feet at the 18th hole on the Old Course to win his first major.

As he was addressing the ball, he bent down to pick up a piece of dirt (?), re-addressed, and then took what seemed like forever before pulling the trigger. Of course, it missed on the right-hand side.

Have you ever seen a more nervous putt?

The following day, Sanders and Jack Nicklaus came back for the 18-hole playoff, which Nicklaus would go on to win.

2. Hale Irwin, 1983 Royal Birkdale

A whiff, or an air-shot? Either way, Hale Irwin was guilty of one of those in 1983 at Royal Birkdale.

In the third round at the 14th hole, Irwin went to tap-in a six-inch putt with the back of his putter – but completely missed the ball.

We’ll let Irwin explain: “Went up to backhand a six-incher, missed it, finished second to Watson by one stroke. Careless.”


1. Jean van de Velde, 1999 Carnoustie

Jean van de Velde stood on the 18th tee needing just a double-bogey to win the Open.

What transpired was just downright painful to watch…

If they had shot tracker back in the day, it would’ve looked something a bit like this:

Shot 1 to opposite fairway. Shot 2 to heavy rough. Shot 3 to Barry Burn. Shot 4 penalty. Shot 5 to greenside bunker. Shot 6 to green. Shot 7 in the hole.

Warning: Look away now if squeamish…

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