With clubhouses reopening in England this weekend, Quick 9 runs down those that hold a place in the hearts of the NCG team

Stoke Park

stoke park

Hollywood likes Stoke Park. Very much. This building has had more starring roles than George Clooney. Whether it was the titanic golf match between Bond and Goldfinger, or the climactic scenes of Layer Cake, this is one of the sport’s most striking buildings.

It’s very smart inside as well, with a labyrinth of glorious rooms to explore. Yes, I got lost more than once. SC

St Enodoc

best clubhouses

For every RND there’s a St Enodoc. I’m awfully fond of a modern clubhouse. Spacious yet warm, welcoming, good food, good beer, balcony overlooking the 18th.

And it helps when it’s the beginning and end of one of the best courses in the UK. AP

Royal West Norfolk

best clubhouses

Quintessentially English, Part II. If you thought Mildenhall was eccentric then you should try Brancaster. It sums it up that both clubs are better known by names other than their official titles.

Just a wonderfully simple and authentic building where the walls are lined with the names of the great and the good from England’s best schools, institutions and the armed services. Go upstairs and you can use the telescope to gaze across the links and out to sea. The fish and chips are rightly famous – don’t even bother looking at a menu. DM

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