With clubhouses reopening in England this weekend, Quick 9 runs down those that hold a place in the hearts of the NCG team

Oh, how we’ve missed you. After more than three long months, clubhouses in England are finally allowed to reopen.

To celebrate, we’re getting straight into our treasured seat, ordering a pint of our finest tipple, and running through our favourite clubhouses in this green and pleasant land.

A word in your ears, though, before you all get straight onto your keyboards in mock outrage.

We’re not saying these are the BEST clubhouses in England. Maybe you’ll think some of them are, maybe you’ll have your own and your dying to tell us about them. If so, let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

These are merely our favourites. It might be because they are great buildings, because they’re historic, or just because we like spending half an hour after a round in them.

But have a look through our nine selections and see how they measure up with yours…

Moor Park

The Sistine Chapel of clubhouses. There’s so much fine art hanging on these walls you’ll think you’ve dropped into a gallery.

Operation Market Garden was planned here – watch A Bridge Too Far if you don’t know what I’m talking about – and it still maintains links to the Parachute Regiment.

A 17th century mansion, it’s got to be one of the stateliest clubhouses in the kingdom. SC

Royal North Devon

best clubhouses

You could count on one hand the number of golf clubs you could visit just for the clubhouse. This is one.

The oldest golf course in England and the finest clubhouse. You can smell the history as you walk in every corner you turn there is something else to soak in, included their treasured golf museum. Magnificent. AP

Royal Worlington & Newmarket

best clubhouses

Quintessentially English, Part I. You order your drinks through a hatch and then relax in the unintentionally shabby-chic lounge on an old chair with an open fire crackling away. Drinks come in tankards and the food is all roasts and roly-polies. Wonderful. DM

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