Quest to Single Figures: Getting back to the grind

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After a wet winter and a few trips abroad, NCG's Craig Middleton reignites his quest to single figures...

So we find ourselves well into 2017, and the new golf season is up and running.

You may remember a few months ago I started my quest to become a single figure handicap golfer. Well the good news is that now that I have my official handicap, courtesy of Moor Allerton in Leeds, I can carry on the quest..

I am a 13 handicapper believe it or not. So over the next year I will be trying my best to get this down to as close as nine as possible.

What you lucky people will be getting over the next few months is regular video diaries to keep you up to date with my progression – or lack of. The first video is a little mix of all that’s been going on over the last few months.

But over the next few videos you’ll start to see more of an in-depth look into my golf, how I’ve been performing in competitions and how my practice is getting on. I have a couple of exciting trips to Hesketh and West Lancashire soon which I’m very much looking forward too.

So what has been going on since my last blog…

Whilst I've been away

The last couple of months have been a pretty busy time for me. I went to Las Vegas for the Callaway Epic launch, and more recently I have been to Abu Dhabi for the Pro V1 and Pro V1x launch and Orlando for the PGA Show. So to get back into the comfort of the office is very welcome indeed.

The trips were incredible, and I got my very own Callaway GBB Epic driver which I have put straight in the bag after seeing some really promising numbers on Trackman.

Since Christmas I have not had the chance to play loads of golf, mainly due to the weather. But on my trips I managed a few rounds in the nice weather which is always a bonus.

I played at TPC Las Vegas and despite a few dodgy holes I played to my handicap which was surprising given the difficulty of the course.

In Abu Dhabi I got to play night golf for the first time. It was a strange feeling for the first couple of holes but after that you kind of forgot you were playing in the dark.

Then in Orlando I got to play a few rounds. In the early part of the week I played on the Watson and Palmer courses at Reunion Resort and at the end of the week I had a round at Champions Gate, the home of the David Leadbetter Academy.

Getting back to the good old British weather was a bit of a downer, but after my trips I was itching to get back into golf.

That excitement was justified with a pretty good round at Moor Allerton. In tricky conditions I got 38 stableford points which could have been a lot better if my iron play was anywhere near decent.

For those of you that didn’t watch all the video – hands up! – here are my stats from my first properly recorded round:

I blobbed one hole so only counted the putts based on those 17 holes. Overall I’m very happy with that round.

The driver was working well as was the putter. The club that saved me though was my 56 degree wedge. I hit so many good chip shots to save myself and that’s something I only want to see improve.

The greens in regulation is a worry though, it highlights my need to improve massively with the irons.

There may be something in the pipeline though in terms of some new irons, so keep an eye out for the next video in a few weeks to see what happens with that.

The plan now is to work on a target sheet and what I want to achieve this year. Obviously getting down to nine is the ultimate target but I want to make sure I give myself the best chance of doing that by looking to tick off certain goals along the way.

In the next vlog you can expect to see what clubs I’m using this year as well as some fun on the golf course too with the old man.

See you in a few weeks and happy golfing to you all.

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