Best part of being a Tour pro?

The food in the player lounge.

The worst part?

The travelling.

What’s your best shot?

My go-to shot is the low fade with the driver.

Worst shot?

Pushed slice with the driver.

Best course on tour?

County Down.

Worst course on tour?


Best playing partner?

Lucas Bjerregaard. He and his caddy are the funniest guys ever, it’s the most fun I’ve had on the golf course in years!


Worst rule in golf?

Out of bounds. Just get rid of it. If you lose your ball, just go back to the tee. But if you do find it, just play it from where it is. I think you’d get some funny spots.

Best hair on Tour?

Robert Rock. It’s a person on its own.

Worst hair?

Joost Luiten. Nobody gets close.

Most generous player?

Soren Kjeldsen.


Funniest on Tour?

Richard Finch.

Least funny?

Martin Kaymer.

Best career performance?

Probably KLM.

Worst performance?

The Irish Open this year was pretty horrible. I think I shot around 80.

Best club?

My driver, the Great Big Bertha. I can hit it really long and it’s fun.

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