What is the best thing about being a professional golfer?

Being your own boss and having the chance of travelling the world.

And the worst?

Constantly being away from home and never having a fully filled fridge!

Best shot in your game?

Low shots into the wind.

And the worst?

The high draw doesn’t come easy, it’s always a work in progress!

Best shot you’ve played under pressure?

Probably my second shot into the green of the 18th at Killeen Castle in my singles match in the 2011 Solheim Cup. One up, one hole to go against Brittany Lincicome and I was able to hit it within 10 feet. And win the hole.


And the worst?

I shanked it once playing the Australian Open out of the rough. Yeah, that wasn’t my best for sure!

Best type of playing partner?

Someone who plays fast and has good composure.


Someone who plays slow and has bad composure.

Best hair on Tour?

I have no idea.

Worst hair?

I would have to say Charley Hoffman.


Best person for a night out?

I’m pretty much a party pooper, so I’m not sure. I would much rather go to the movies or a nice dinner but I’m not one for partying much. But if I do so happen to go out I know I can have a good laugh with the Brits!

Best jokes?

Becky Morgan comes to mind.

Worst jokes?

I don’t know to be honest, don’t we all have bad jokes sometimes?

Best dress sense?

I think the Japanese generally have good dress sense.


Worst dress sense?

I’m not a fan of the Loudmouth clothing personally but everyone is different.

Worst rule in golf?

Probably not the worst rule but I do think not being able to fix spike marks is a bit silly. Putting is hard enough!

Best feeling you’ve had on a golf course?

When you are in control of your shots that it almost becomes effortless.

Worst feeling?

The opposite of the above; that no matter what you do you can’t seem to hit it where you want to.

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