It's the longest week of the year and there's more than enough at stake so how do you keep things on a nice level? We discuss in Fourball

You’re heading to Q School where, hopefully, you’ll be playing six rounds but how do you stay sane and focused. Dan Murphy, Steve Carroll and Joe Hughes join me to open up their souls…

Dan: Chipping and putting, chipping and putting, chipping and putting. That’s what will make the difference and that’s what needs to be really sharp. That’s the theory.

In reality, I’d be determined to sort out, once and for all, why it is that the occasional driver goes high and (very) right. Then I’d be obsessing on a new move that would change my ball flight forever. All this in mid-tournament. I doubt it would end well. Which is why I’m typing this from an office in Leeds rather than at Lumine.

Joe: I’m sure it would be different if I played golf for a living but I like the idea and seem to be pretty good at letting it go once I’ve finished playing. I’d want to have a couple of mates there to spend the evenings with. We wouldn’t be spending every night in a Spanish nightclub but I’m a big fan of eating at decent restaurants and having a few drinks so I think that’s what I’d spend most of my time doing.

Other than that, I’d be obsessing about whichever area let me down the day before. 

Steve: Lads, lads, lads. Am I right? I actually think getting the off-course stuff right is even harder than what happens on the course. A week in a goldfish bowl, under that kind of pressure, you need something to stave off the madness or it’s a sure-fire 75 right when you don’t need it. Lumine’s pretty chilled at this time of year, most of the beach set have gone home, so there are fewer distractions. I’d probably be like most of the footballers – PS4 with Fornite blaring and a week’s worth of unwatched boxsets. That and an infrequent refreshment.

My verdict: I’d worry about taking a good mate, or any sort of loose friend, out with me as a) he’d probably want to go out and drink, and b) we might burn ourselves out chat wise by day two. I think I’d fly solo, get a push trolley and do it all old school. A bite to eat a few nights with a couple of peers would be ideal, all low key and with nobody that would do my head in too much. There would be plenty of negative energy knocking about with just me.

Otherwise it would be my Headspace app and a box set of the Sopranos.