Want to work on your putting stroke at home or simply need something new in the house to keep your kids entertained? We've done the work so you don't have to

Putting. Such an important part of the game but one we often neglect when it comes to practising. Now we’re back in lockdown its the perfect time to get some work in, especially if you’ve not got space to do any work on your long game. So here are a the best putting training aids still available online to help get you started perfecting your stroke.

Best putting training aids: FORB home golf mat

I have this mat at home and it was great during the first lockdown and will get plenty of use during the second.

putting training aids

+ Having more than one target to work towards adds variety
+ Bonus of actually being able to putt into a hole
+ Larger mat means you can practise a variety of putt lengths

Size: 3x1m

RRP: £89.99