Golf is one fantastic sport played by ordinary people and royalty alike. From its conception, the game has an admirable formality and class associated with it. One remarkable trait about golfing is that it enforces strict dress codes on the course. In short, even with the proper gear needed on the golf course; a wrong choice of attire can spoil everything up. Note that the dress code should also offer enhanced comfort and protection to the wearer. 

All in all, golfing at the local course may not require one to wear any specific apparel. In some cases, a comfortable T-shirt and pair of jeans would do the trick. However, in a resort or private courses, wearing nothing short of appropriate wear is unacceptable. 

Take into account that golf dressing requirements may differ also from one course/club to another. Keep reading as we mention proper golf attire for men and women that also meet set standards


Warm layering is essential for golfers, especially in winter. If need be, you can wear a sweater alongside a chic turtleneck. This combination is not only comfortable on the course but stylish too. On extremely cold days, add an extra layer of clothes like a button-down or wind shirt. 

Apart from your local gigs, do not wear sweatshirts and denim in professional games because they are considered rather inappropriate in golf.


Most courses require golfers to wear polo shirts because of their elegance and comfort. You may come across various polo designs like short sleeves, long sleeves, V-neck, and zip top. Luckily, Hackett London designs some of the most premium polos worldwide. For decades, the brand is renowned for its playful sports-luxe touch on most of its collections. 

Most impressive the casual slim-fit attires are specifically made in high-quality and long-lasting cotton. In addition, the tasteful attires are ideal for layering especially during the cold season. Another alternative is a Hackett turtleneck top which is exceptionally stylish and comes in variety of colors and designs. It is worth pointing out that posh courses may not allow tank tops, T-shirts, and halters.


Slacks may seem like the most comfortable bottom wear on the course. However, on hot days shorter options such as capris and shorts are a perfect option. Other popular alternatives include golf skirts, dresses, or shorter pants. Altogether, avoid going to the course in athletic pants, jeans, and sweat pants.

Shoes and Socks

Wearing comfortable shoes on the golf course is a must. Mainly clubs require members not to wear nonmetal spikes shoes which are equally uncomfortable and most likely capable of spoiling the lawn. Instead, invest in soft, well-fitting pair of shoes with comfy socks. 

The beauty of an appropriate shoe is that you can wear it with golf shorts, dresses, skirts, and long pants. If possible, match your socks with the pants to stand out. 


Playing in the sun can expose your skin to sunburns and extreme tanning. One effective way of protecting your head and skin is by wearing a cap or hat. Hackett London has a whole load of quality hats, both in contemporary and traditional designs. Depending on your preference, you can get a contrast band hat, sporty baseball caps, retro-flat caps, and plenty of other options. 

Thankfully, golfing does not have significant restrictions when it comes to the headcover. Therefore, you are spoilt for choice with designer caps, straw hats, crocheted caps, and so forth.  Still, keep away from fedoras, cowboy hats, and beanies because they look ridiculous on the golf course.

Extra Accessories

Accessories use both in women and men has become one of the biggest topics in golf. This is because it is common to find a golfer wearing the most tasteful apparel combination only to spoil it with an unsightly belt. Remember that you should never go overboard with your accessory preference but remain simple and stylish. 

You can also throw in a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sunlight. For players in love with their jewelry, stick to simple and small. Above all, steer clear of long earrings and necklaces because they can easily get tangled when playing. Protect your hands from blisters by wearing gloves. If you want to keep your watch, invest in a durable, sweat, and waterproof one. 

Bottom Line

Thanks to an advanced golf scene, you can now have a field day shopping for the perfect attire. That said, dressing comfortably on the course has a higher chance of making the game more enjoyable and increase winning odds. Compared to previous years, you may not have to search hard for the right golf apparel because numerous designers are coming up. On the top of the list, you should not forget to pop in any Hatchett shop for incomparable offers and tons of comfortable, well-fitting sports gear.

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