What do Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Ian Poulter, Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones all have in common?

That’s right, they all have all launched their own golf gear brands.

And now Open champion Henrik Stenson has joined them by producing his own eyewear range called, funnily enough, Henrik Stenson Eyewear.

I have always found something appealing about a piece of clothing or equipment endorsed by one of my favourite stars.

A Tiger Woods hat or any Nike gear (Rory Mcllory is also one of my favourites) is right up my street.

There have been a whole host of famous names who have set up their own line of golf gear, but which ones are the best?

5. Greg Norman

Golf gear brands

The shark emblem is an unmistakable logo.

Two-time Open winner Greg Norman’s line of clothing and accessories is a recognisable and popular brand across the world of golf.

Established in 1992, a year before his second Open victory at Royal St George’s, the collection captures Greg Norman’s “powerful elegance, enthusiasm and passion for an individual design sense”, according to the Greg Norman Collection website.

4. Tiger Woods

Golf gear brands

Tiger Woods is one of the most iconic figures in the world of golf.

Despite the 14-time Major champion having not struck a ball competitively for ages, Nike still sell his range of gear, simply called TW.


3. Jack Nicklaus

Golf gear brands

Who wouldn’t want to wear clothes branded with the golden bear logo of the most successful golfer of all time?

Jack Nicklaus’ range of men’s and women’s clothing is just like its owner – smart, classy and oozing quality.


2. Ben Hogan

Golf gear brands

Nine-time Major champion Ben Hogan set up the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company in 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas, with the aim of making clubs targeted toward “the better player”.

He sold the iconic brand to American Machine and Foundry in 1960 but stayed on as chairman for several years.

Ownership of the company has changed hands several times down the years but is still going to this day.


1. Arnold Palmer

Golf gear brands

The late, great Arnold Palmer was a true trailblazer in sports business.

He was one of the first sportsmen to use his fame to build a business empire, through an array of commercial ventures.

He founded Arnold Palmer Enterprises to handle his endorsements and other ventures and it is widely recognised thanks to its umbrella logo.

Check out the range of umbrella-branded apparel and accessories here.