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LIGHTWEIGHT on the fairways, but an emerging heavyweight in the market is the message coming from growing golf trolley providers Powerbug.

Powerbug trolleys are the Volkswagens of the bag transporting world, they are well built, reliable and stylish, like an Audi, but for a fraction of the price.

Powerbug’spremium model, the Pro Sport 27-Hole Golf Lithium, comes in at a bargain £350, with the normal battery option at £299.

For this price you still get some fancy features, which include ‘cruise control memory’, where the trolley smartly remembers your pace, a lightweight frame and a long-lasting battery.

Powerbug claim their lithium battery can take over 1,000 re-charge cycles, meaning golfers who play weekly can expect to get a trolley which will last over 19 years, at a price of just 40p per round. These cycles are guaranteed to get round at least 27-holes, with it navigating two rounds possible on all but the most challenging of terrains. 

Furthermore, the dial couldn’t be easier to use, you turn it and you are away. The dial also acts as a start and stop switch and rotating it sets the required speed, up to an impressive 7.5km per hour. That is it, no other programmable variants that could prove to be expensive breakdowns. 
New for season 2011, the Hurricana lightweight lithium range is the most affordable compact and reliable battery available.

Powerbug’s budget trolleys are also great value for money, with most of the features of the premium model, including a sleek finish, a compact folded design and a silent motor. 

If you are only after a push trolley the Black Power Bug P1 is the companies £150 marquee push trolley and offers a cheaper alternative to their battery models. 

The lightweight, quick folding trolley has an umbrella, drinks, balls, tees and pencil holder as standard, with three wheels, adjustable handle height and three colour choices adding to the bargain package. 

Lowdown on the Pro-Sport

• Digital speed/cruise control and LED power and battery indicator with numeric speed indicator.

• Lightweight – weighs only 7.5 kilos – aircraft grade aluminium frame

• Top and bottom torque control cart bag supports. No more annoying bag rotation on course.

• Push button frame folding and lock down devise for quick convenient and safe transportation.

• Driven by the Hurricana range of batteries. Standard and extended range lead acid available

• New for season 2011, the Hurricana lightweight lithium range is the most affordable compact and reliable battery available.   

• Silent drive 200W high efficiency motor

• High traction quick release wheels for better grip and easy storage

Price: Power Bug Pro-Sport £299.99 (lithium £350) 

www.powerbug.co.uk  0118 940 6609

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