Powakaddy C2i review: The results

The folding mechanisms do work very well and are very easy to get the hang of.

Powakaddy C2i review

It’s the sort of thing that just gets quicker and smoother each time you do it.

Out on the course the C2i feels very sturdy – just as sturdy as one of the larger Freeway trolleys.

Powakaddy C2i review

The display is very smart indeed with some neat features and it adds to the overall premium feel of the product.

The best thing about the C2i is undoubtedly it’s small folded size.

Powakaddy C2i review

It can go in the car boot both stood up, laid down and it can easily be place on the backseat or in any of the passenger foot-wells.

There’s a carry handle too which makes transportation very easy.

Powakaddy C2i review

Powakaddy C2i review: NCG verdict

This is a great trolley but I’m really struggling to see how it has changed or improved from the original C2.

And that’s fine because the C2 was such a great piece of kit.

But if you’re a C2 owner don’t be thinking there’s a new trolley out there which is better.

Powakaddy Compact C2i

There have been a couple of tweaks with the C2i but it’s essentially the same product with a slightly different name.

If you missed out on the C2 first time around and are a bit short on space then you definitely need to check the C2i out.

This product serves its main purpose extremely well and that is to fold away small to make transportation and storage easier.

And when it’s out on the course, it’s just as good as any other trolley out there in my opinion.

Powakaddy C2i details

SRP: £549.99

More information can be found on the Powakaddy website.