Poulter showcases new Nikon camera technology

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The Ryder Cup star was on hand at Muirfield to demonstrate the new TimeSlice technology

Ian Poulter showcased Nikon’s latest camera technology at the 142nd Open Championship at Muirfield last week.

The new TimeSlice technology allows players to accurately analyse how their movements affect their bunker play. A 180 degree multi-camera system allows all of the factors that make up a perfect bunker shot to be analysed.

Factors such as angle of attack, swing plane, loft retention, posture, weight distribution and other impact issues can all be analysed using the technology.

To see how the professionals do it, check out Ian Poulter in action in the video above. NCG also managed to test the software, but we’re absolutely clear who the master is in this situation!

Side on shot

From the back

From the front

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