Welcome to our Old Head vlog. This is where we discuss courses recently #PlayedbyNCG in depth – this time starring Old Head.

The aim is to give you candid and honest views of courses we have visited.

Old Head vlog

Old Head vlog

In this episode, courses expert (and NCG editor) Dan Murphy, who has played more tracks than most of us have had hot dinners, is discussing his recent trip to Old Head.

This impossibly spectacular clifftop course is less than 20 years old. It is found on a promontory connected to mainland Cork by little more than a thread. OK, it’s the width of a road, but you get the idea. If golf, like property, is about location, location, location then Old Head is holding all the cards.

Old Head vlog

The chat

Professional golfist (and publisher) Tom Irwin is on hand to ask the questions.

Apart from discussing this jaw-dropping course, which includes several drives that must be hit from one clifftop to another, Tom and Dan look at how best to get to the southern coast of Ireland, where to stay and how to entertain yourself on an evening out in nearby Kinsale.

They also look at value for money and offer some tips on how to make the most of your visit. But the real talking point is the course and specifically its setting. Old Head is truly sensational and there are several holes here that you will never forget playing. It’s on a site that’s so exposed they close the course for a solid five months each winter. The storms that batter this coastline are legendary and a new season typically begins with a green or two having to be relaid. No matter – come April it’s better than ever and ready for play.
Finally, at the end of the episode, Dan is on the end of one of Tom’s infamous quizzes. Will he have the answers?