Reason for a Hayling Golf Club review

It’s been on my radar for years and is the best links course I had yet to visit.

Where is Hayling?

Hayling is found on Hayling Island. It’s very close to Portsmouth, but on a small spit of land.


What to expect

The opening few holes are very flat and depth perception is difficult. Then as you approach the turn the topography changes and you find yourself amid genuine duneland. On the day we played the closing stretch was extremely testing, with four long holes out of the last five played into the wind.

My best bit

There are a couple of superb short holes at Hayling (though I wouldn’t judge the 1st a classic).  At the 5th you have to find the narrowest of raised greens while the 11th is a classic tabletop target that puts itself at the mercy of the wind.

Watch out for

The quirky 8th. All is not what it seems from the tee. Trust your yardage book and lay up then accept you may well have a blind approach to the green on the other side of the ridge.

When I go back…

I’ll take advantage of the early holes if the conditions are similarly benign. Sadly, by the time I had gained any degree of sharpness my scorecard was in tatters and we were about to turn into the wind.