Reason for a Golf du Coiroux review

I was on a three-day press trip to the Dordogne and Golf du Coiroux was one of two courses we played during our visit.

Where is Golf du Coiroux?

Golf du Coiroux is located high up in the French commune of Aubazine, which in turn can be found in the Corrèze department.

What to expect

The 18-hole course and 9-hole pitch and putt are played over high ground, resulting in spectacular views although rarely do you have to contend with a back-breaking climb.

Doglegs and hidden pins are a prominent feature at Coiroux, however I was never left feeling frustrated. Instead, I enjoyed attempting to shape shots to reach the perfect spot on the fairway.

Golf du Coiroux review

This skill is called into question immediately from the opening tee on a long par 4. A large pond stretches along the entire right-hand side of the fairway, while the driving range blocks off the left.

The green is tucked away and it’s a tough ask to find the putting surface in two if you aren’t in the perfect position off the tee.

These types of conundrums are presented throughout the round.

Favourite hole

Golf du Coiroux review

The standout moment is reserved for the spectacular 13th.

Our host from the club, Pierre, who played in our fourball with his trusty caddie Geoff – a gentle giant of a dog – informed us on the tee that the par 3 was the course’s signature hole.

It’s easy to see why. It’s a breathtaking hole, with a lake skirting around the entire right side of the tiny green, but it’s also incredibly daunting.

I agonisingly hooked my shot into the lake and Geoff’s howls of despair as the ball found a watery grave was matched by my own.

My best bit

It was remarkably after I had hooked my tee shot into the water on the 13th.

I reloaded and curled a sumptuous iron towards the green, landing it close to the pin.

It was one of the most satisfying shots I have ever hit – it was just unfortunate that it was my third off the tee.

What to look for 

The clubhouse restaurant serves up a range of delicious regional dishes, including a boeuf fillet cooked to perfection.

This all takes place on a balcony overlooking the 18th green and lake on the 1st fairway. It’s a glorious setting.

I will hopefully have improved my putting so I can turn the eight bogies from my round into pars.

I will also attempt to be a bit pluckier from the tee and take on more of the many doglegs.

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