Bryson DeChambeau has always divided opinion with his out-there takes and over-analysis of most things. We discuss what we think of The Scientist

He’s recently been voted as the player his peers would least like to be paired with which could probably be put down to his slow play and ability to over-analyse everything. So I asked Alex Perry, Steve Carroll and Joe Hughes to answer the important question…

Would you fancy spending of a bit of quality time with Bryson DeChambeau? And you’re not allowed to say ‘I’d love to get a small insight into his beautiful mind’…

Alex: I think he’s a pretty normal and probably quite funny bloke who would be good company in a quiet pub somewhere. I bet he’s mint at darts. And pool, actually – that’s basically physics isn’t it? Oh and we’ll definitely have a go on the quiz machine. What you having? Me, lager. Bryson, lager, sometimes cider. Different drinks for different needs.

Steve: I’m not sure. If he drinks as slowly as he plays, he would probably spend all night nursing a half of mild.

Joe: We all know what Bryson is like on a golf course but what is he like away from the game? I’d take up the opportunity to have a pint with him with a strict ban on all things golf to find out what really goes on inside his head.

My verdict: I’d love it. I think he’s amazing and I love the way he immediately backed down from Brooks Koepka’s tough-guy chatter.

Given I failed all three of my science ‘O’ levels I’d move the conversation quickly on to something else. I imagine we would connect on ‘life matters’ and the good stuff, I reckon he’d be open and honest and we’d be chinking glasses before too long.

The highlight would likely come on the pool table where he’d repeatedly double everything into any pocket or the quiz machine where I’d bow down to his knowledge on physics and he’d do likewise when 80s music pops up.

The real kicker, given his keenness to bulk up, would be that he’d be keen to extend the night into the kebab or curry house where we could bond that bit further over a couple of Kingfishers.