Our Ping winter golf clothing review focusses on the brand’s new 2018 autumn winter range.

Myself and editor Dan Murphy have been testing out various garments on golf courses in England and Scotland over the past few weeks.

New Ping winter golf clothing: First impressions

Ping brought the clothing side of their business in-house a couple of years ago and we’ve really seen them go from strength to strength.

Last year we were particularly impressed with the Norse jacket which kept the cold out without the need for dozens of layers.

Ping Norse jacket

It also looked fantastic and was able to be worn off the course with a pair of jeans.

So what’s new for this autumn and winter?

We are seeing a continuation of the Norse franchise but the brand have invested heavily in Primaloft technology which adds warmth.

But it allows Ping to keep the garments light and stretchy.

The last thing we want out on the golf course is bulk that restricts our movements through the swing.

It’s a synthetic equivalent to down – apart from it isn’t at all bulky and is hydrophobic (that’s water-repellent to you and me).

New Ping winter golf clothing: Standout garments

Ping winter golf clothing

Both myself and Dan have been testing out the Norse PrimaLoft Zoned Jacket (£120), which has warmth across the chest but gives unrestricted arm movement.

Ping winter golf clothing

The original Norse Primaloft jacket (£140) is still available which is more like a traditional all-in-one jacket.

Think of the Zoned jacket like the combination of a padded gilet and a stretchy mid-layer.

Ping winter golf clothing

The Norse PrimaLoft Fleece (£100) is designed specially to move and retain shape throughout the golf swing.

It’s made from a highly breathable, four-way stretch fabric.

This is more of a mid-layer which will probably get a bit more use all year round.

Full details on the whole men’s and women’s ranges can be found on the Ping website.

So how did they perform? Find out the results and our verdict on the next page…