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JaW: I really like this. The head shape is great, the leading edge is good. Lots of control and a solid strike. Good for a variety of golfers thanks to the decent forgiveness.

DM: Very hard to say anything bad about this. To me, it looks really good but at the same time very playable. The ideal combination. Go back a few years and Ping simply didn’t make wedges that looked this classy. They are not quite as pretty as, say, the Mizunos to my eye but the consistency and forgiveness are as high as anything else. These are wedges that you can rely on sleek enough to satisfy the better player yet there is no intimidation factor to put off the mid-handicapper.
I just don’t think you can go wrong with these.

JoW: The best Ping wedges I’ve ever used. They remind me a bit of the old Tour-W model and sit behind the ball really nicely. I felt like I could play a variety of shots thanks to how flush they sat on the ground.

PC: This was decent but nothing spectacular for me. I have never really got on with Ping wedges.



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OUR TEST TEAM:  James Whitaker (pro), Ryan Rastall (pro), Dan Murphy (4hcp), Joe Whitley (7), Pete Chippindale (12)

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