Looking to update your Spring wardrobe? Jonathan Taylor has put the Ping Sullivan golf sweater to the test

In a world of midlayers and vests, the Ping Sullivan shows there is still a place for the golf sweater in every player’s clothing armoury.

Ping Sullivan golf sweater review: NCG Summary

Ping Sullivan golf sweater review
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Whether you don this on or off the course, you’ll be the epitome of style in the Ping Sullivan golf sweater. Its simple, yet, timeless design means you can wear it in any setting.


  • Light, comfortable, and stylish.
  • You’ll probably wear this as much off the course as you will on it.
  • Very durable through the wash.


  • Ping might have thought about widening the colour scheme even further.

Ping Sullivan golf sweater

Now: £75

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Ping Sullivan golf sweater review: First Impressions

I really like a product that just does what it says on the tin. I want a sweater to be a sweater and while this garment has some thermal properties, stretches and adjusts to your shape, and is a 50-50 mix of merino wool and acrylic, it is also a very simple and plain V-neck and ribbed collar design.

The Ping metal badge on the back of the neck is subtle. It’s not jazzy or bearing any huge logos or patterns. It’s just classic and I really like that.

It’s available in three colours: Black, Navy, and French Grey Marl and if I had one minor gripe I’d argue the colour scheme could be a bit more expansive. Personally, I like all three choices but, with such a timeless construction, more pigments would have been welcome.

Everything in golf clothing is labelled as lightweight these days, and you’d expect that from a merino wool mix, but the nature of this fabric means you should be able to wear it in a lot of different conditions.

Ping Sullivan golf sweater review

On The Course

Is the humble sweater still a vital part of a golfer’s clothing? In a world of midlayers, gilets, and, increasingly hoodies, the options have never been greater. Would you eschew a good golf jumper for a more modern design?

Not so long ago, you couldn’t move on a course for cashmere but you don’t see too many dodgy diamonds these days as players go for more athletic-looking garments.

Perhaps we will see a revival with the Ping Sullivan golf sweater, because it’s a modern twist on a classic design. Its thermal qualities help trap heat like a midlayer and it stretches with you to make swinging a club a very easy experience.

I tested this on a golf weekend in East Lothian and at my home club, York. There is no weight to this garment, which is crucial to me as I tend to tote my clubs around in a Sunday bag and am not really looking to make it any heavier.

The SensorWarm properties that you see across Ping’s outerwear performs just as admirably and it really is impressive how it manages to keep heat in the body considering how light it is.

That structure means swinging is not restrictive. The ribbed collar on the V-neck does not rub and the arms and cuffs end where they should and don’t overhang onto the wrists.

This is a crucial aspect for me. I really don’t like fabric to be getting in the way of my grip and will pull the sleeves up on clothing that does. Not having to do that with the Ping Sullivan golf weather reduces quite a lot of fiddle.

A garment like this can be worn in a lot of different circumstances. It comes into its own right now – when the sun is starting to come out but it can still be a bit brisk depending what time you play – and it will also get a lot of use in the autumn.

It’s also a perfect layer builder in the heart of winter.

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Ping Sullivan golf sweater review: The 19th hole

I’ve probably worn this more off the course than I have on it. That, as we’ve already seen, is by no means a denigration of its performance as a piece of golf wear. On the contrary, as I’ve already described, it does admirably. But its simple, yet stylish, design makes it perfect outerwear for a social occasion. Slip a T-shirt under it, or go a touch more formal with a shirt, it will play the part whether you’re lounging around the house or going out for a meal.

My obsession with donning it at every occasion means it’s been through the wash on numerous occasions already. I have a pathological fear of putting anything containing wool through a machine. All too often, it either shrinks or just loses its shape and never quite feels the same again. That has not been the case so far here. It retains its structure, it has yet to need an iron, and it feels just as comfortable. This is a massive plus.

All in all, the Ping Sullivan golf sweater really is an excellent product. And whether it’s free swinging, or pint drinking, which ends up being its primary purpose in your eyes, you will be handsomely rewarded for the purchase.

Fit: True to Size/Small/Large
Comfort: 9.5/10
Value for Money: 9.5/10
Sizes: UK S-XXXL
Colour options: Black, Navy, French Grey Marl

Ping Sullivan golf sweater review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £75
More info: Ping website.
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