John Solheim, CEO of club manufacturer Ping, has proposed a golf ball rule change.

The American is suggesting that the game’s governing bodies should employ a new system called ‘Ball Distance Rating’, or BDR. Currently there is a single limit on ball distance, but Solheim’s rule would see three employed – one the same as today’s standard, one shorter, and one longer.

Solheim said: “A BDR Condition of Competition would create a simpler way to control distance at the tour level – and keep the competitive design of the world’s great courses in play.

“This concept addresses the unique talents of the top 0.1 per cent of the world’s golfers without hurting the other 99.9 per cent.”

The American also said that a key aspect of his idea is to give players the option of using a ball that travels further – something many may appreciate when taking on long courses.

“The distance rating of the ball used would factor into handicaps, just like slope rating or choice of tee box does today,” he added.