Ping have introduced new Glide wedges which were built in the opposite way to most golf clubs.

The company took an innovative approach to the Glide wedges, custom-engineering them from the hands down to ensure the grip, shaft and head perform as a system for greater consistency and shot-making versatility. 

The proprietary Dylawedge grip is longer with softer tapering, allowing the player to grip down for better control.

The CFS wedge shaft helps provide trajectory control. 

Heads are available in three grind configurations and 13 loft/sole options, with loft-optimized Gorge grooves to achieve the ideal trajectory and spin on approach shots of any length.  

Features and benefits

431 steel softens the feel; chrome plating dramatically improves consistency in wet conditions 
Loft-optimized Gorge Grooves: a 16º sidewall with a more gradual radius in lofts 47º to 54º optimizes results on full shots. In lofts 56º to 60º, a 24º sidewall with a tighter radius maximizes spin on shorter shots 
Dylawedge grip: +3/4″ longer with softer tapering, allowing player to grip down for trajectory control
Grip-down indicators at 1 3/8″ intervals for control and versatility in shot making
CFS wedge shaft: one flex (120g), lowers launch for greater control, feel and stability
3 sole grinds: Wide Sole (WS), Standard Sole (SS), and Thin Sole (TS) 
Bounce configurations optimized for spin consistency and versatility
13 loft and sole combinations: 47SS, 50SS, 52SS, 54SS, 54WS, 56SS, 56WS, 58TS, 58SS, 58WS, 60TS, 60SS, 60WS 
Thinner, tapered hosel goes through sand better 

Available: February 12, 2015
SRP: £105 (steel) £120 (Graphite) 

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