Compared to the G20, it must be said that this is a better-looking driver. For me, the grey finish was not inspiring and, perhaps largely because of the colour scheme, the view at address is much more appealing now.

The matt-black finish might seem dull to some when compared to all the coloured heads we are seeing from other manufacturers but to me this is a sign that Ping remain, first and foremost, an engineering company focussed on performance.

You can optimise launch by adjusting the loft plus or minus half a degree. Again, compared to some, this is unremarkable. Ping argue that it means you can choose any loft between 8 and 12.5˚ in half-degree increments. They also believe that there are implications that compromise performance when you adjust loft by more than this, not least in terms of the club’s centre of gravity moving.

Subtly, when you change the loft down the face opens, and when you increase it, the face closes. If only as a placebo affect, this can be effective in promoting a preferred shape.

"Ping remain, first and foremost, an engineering company focussed on performance."
Ping have certainly done a great job with the sound and feel – the G25 feels fast off the face, lively and powerful. You can expect a slightly higher launch than with many drivers, but not with the extra spin that often goes with it.

The G25 is powered by the innovative TFC 189D. Ping say this lightweight, high-balance-point shaft developed specifically for the driver to create increased clubhead momentum at impact, which leads to greater ball velocity and forgiveness.

The facts

Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 & 12°

Shafts: Ping TFC 189D (Soft R, R, S, Tour Stiff, and Tour X-Stiff)

SRP: £299

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