Completing the Anser range of woods is the hybrid, which is the only club in the range not to be adjustable. Available in four lofts ranging from 17˚ to 27˚, the idea was to incorporate many of the characteristics and performance benefits of the i20 hybrid, but with a little extra forgiveness, especially in the stronger lofts.

Some find the 17˚ version, in particular, hard to launch, especially from less than perfect lies, so the Anser has been engineered to to offer a higher flight.

Nevertheless, the performance will be much closer to i20 than G20, which has a very different look, sound and feel.

The head looks a little larger at address – and the shape has shades of the i15 hybrid about it. The standard shaft is Ping’s TFC 800H.


SRP: £180
LOFTS: 17, 20, 23 & 27˚