FIRST HIT: Ping's adjustable Anser fairway

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Check out Ping's first ever adjustable fairway wood...

Ping have become the latest company to offer an adjustable fairway wood in the form of their new super-premium Anser.

You can move the loft up or down half a degree while simultaneously closing or opening the face.

Apart from fine-tuning your trajectory in the fitting process, moving the loft up or down has a significant effect in terms of how the club sits.

Move up half a degree and it will sit closed, move down half a degree and it will sit open.

The fairway woods sit in between the i20 and G20 in terms of forgiveness.

There is only one standard shaft option – Ping’s TFC 800F. The reasoning here is that it becomes too expensive to offer extra ones without their being the same level of benefit as there is in the driver.

The woods have a slightly larger footprint at address, look more forgiving than the i20s and will launch the ball a little higher.


LOFTS: 14.5, 16.5 & 18.5˚
SRP: £220

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