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Phil Mickelson found a new lease of life at the Phoenix Open with his new Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme driver

It is not often that a tour professional puts a new club in the bag just days after receiving it.

It is even rarer that they go on to win that week with it.

World No 10 Phil Mickelson did both those things at the Waste Management Phoenix Open with the latest love in his life – the Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme driver.

The left-hander started testing the brand’s new driver on the range at TPC Scottsdale and became infatuated instantly, crediting the low spin characteristics that allow him to use more loft and therefore make the 
club ultimately more forgiving.

“I had something really important happen to me on Tuesday when I got this driver,” said Mickelson.

“This has really changed my game. I drove it phenomenal all week.”

He explained to Jason Sobel of Golf Channel: “I spin the ball a lot with my irons, and when I go to a driver that has enough loft, it spins too much for me.

This driver spins so low that I can have more loft on the club, making it easier to hit.”

“This driver spins so low that I can have more loft on the club, making it easier to hit." – Phil Mickelson
The low spin element of the club doesn’t just make the end product more appealing, it also allows Lefty to put the same swing on every shot, instead of trying to battle his driver flaws by compensating at impact.

“I’m able to make the same golf swing as my irons,” said Mickelson.

“You’ll see me extend down the target line, you won’t see this kind of tilt because it’s not enough loft to get up and it’s not low enough spin to not float, and it really could be a revolutionary club for me. If I can drive it like I did and with the ease with which I did and the misses be where they were, then this could be a really big deal for me.”

It is rare to see a pro of Mickelson’s calibre gush about a club this much, but the statistics back him up. The three-time Masters winner hit eight of 14 fairways in the first round and averaged over 300 yards off the tee.

All this very nearly culminated in a record-equalling round of 59, but an agonising lip-out on the 18th saw him make do with a course-record 60.  

He went on to extend his lead in every round before cruising to his 41st PGA Tour victory, finishing 28-under, the second-lowest total ever recorded in a 72-hole tournament on the PGA Tour.

“For a player of Phil’s calibre to see such a dramatic improvement when switching to the new RAZR Fit Xtreme tells its own story,” said Neil Howie, MD and president of Callaway Golf Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“Like Phil, we’re convinced all golfers will experience greater power and shot-making potential from this club.”

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