It came with no warning whatsoever. It was totally unexpected. That’s right – Phil Mickelson is on Twitter.

Yes you read that correctly. The Phil Mickelson. The man with the most famous thumbs up in golf are about to put those thumbs to new use.

Lefty officially signed up on Wednesday and delighted the entire golfing world with his maiden dip in the social-media pond. And he only went and kicked things off with the most famous Phil Mickelson GIF of all-time…

Everyone who uses social media will know the GIF – which shows Phil winking at the camera during the Presidents Cup – and it sent us into meltdown…

The news was so unexpected even his family weren’t in the know…

Within an hour of the first tweet landing, the 43-time PGA Tour winner had more 20,000 followers and 5,000 likes on his ice-breaker.

Just six hours later and we had our next instalment. “THE MATCH” had officially landed.

Tiger Woods announced that the multi-million matchup against Mickelson was ‘on’ and set for Thanksgiving weekend. Phil, with his newly found online-confidence, went for the thread and the trash-talking began.

Mickelson, with his fresh 70,000 followers, seems a social media pro already and just 11 hours into his Twitter debut, was pulling out the meme’s..

However, if the Shadow Creek showdown was played out on Twitter followers, Tiger would win by 6,290,000, compared to Phil’s 70,900. Along with plenty of other grudges.

But what’s next for Lefty? Facebook? Instagram? SNAPCHAT? All we know is that the actual match-play event is set to be glorious.