Phil Mickelson dancing. It’s not something we ever needed to see. But now we’ve seen it. And it can never be unseen.

In a new commercial we see the five-time major champion doing the funky chicken, the worm and twerking (I think).

If only he could have added the robot for the career grand slam…

We’ve all laughed at Mickelson’s Mizzen & Main dress shirts which he’s been wearing on tour this year.

Phil Mickelson dancing

Well, while you lot were laughing we snaffled a couple for ‘testing’…

They are really light and stretchy and don’t require any ironing. But that’s not why we are here.

We are here because Mickelson has done something very silly…

Phil Mickelson dancing

It looks silly on first take but then you realise it’s all over the internet. And I’m now writing about it…

Phil Mickelson dancing

Mickelson is getting paid a lot to do it and Mizzen and Main are getting the airtime they’d hope for.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem so silly after all.

Phil Mickelson dancing

But Mickelson’s reputation has been on the slide in recent weeks and I’m not sure dancing like a drunk uncle at a wedding is the way to salvage it.

Anyway, here’s the video in all it’s err… glory…

More information can be found on the Mizzen and Main website.

Srixon launch two new golf balls

Right, back to business.

Srixon, the market-leaders in two-piece golf balls have released brand new Ulti-Soft and Soft Feel golf balls.

As you can imagine from the name they are both aimed at golfers who prefer a soft-feeling golf ball and should work best for moderate and slower swingers.

Srixon Ulti Soft NEw

So what’s the difference between the Ulti-Soft and the Soft Feel I hear you ask?

Well they are both very similar with the same 388 speed dimple pattern and they both promise to be long off the tee while still having control around the greens.

Srixon Soft Feel New

The Ulti-Soft is just that bit softer and even softer than the original model which was launched a couple of years ago.

Ulti-Soft is only available in white where as the Soft Feel, in it’s six generation, is available for men in white and yellow and there’s the Soft Feel Lady in white and pink.

Soft Feel Lady New

SRP: £24 per dozen (Ulti-Soft, Soft Feel and Soft Feel Lady)

More information can be found on the Srixon website.

New SkyCaddie SX500 GPS

SkyCaddie claim their latest GPS device to be the ‘most powerful, most accurate, most features-packed and most visually stunning hand-held distance measuring device that golf has ever seen’.

That is some shout.

SkyCaddie SX500

One of the key features of the SX500 is the ability to input the day’s pin positions to get an exact number to the flag at a glance.

It will also display all the other key course information as gathered by SkyCaddie’s industry-leading ground mapping.

The SX500 also has a 5″ full HD touch screen, 36-hole rechargeable battery, 13 megapixel camera, digital scorecard, shot measurement and heaps more.

We can’t wait to test it out.

SRP: £379.99

More information ca be found on the SkyCaddie website.

Sun Mountain Pathfinder push trolleys

We’ve been impressed with Sun Mountain bags over the past few years and their Glider travel bag is one of the best pieces of kit around.

Now they have introduced a couple of stylish push trolleys.

Sun Mountain Pathfinder Trolleys

The Pathfinder range has a three and a four-wheel option with six different colours to choose from.

Both fold in two easy steps and aim to work well for both stand and cart bags.

Sun Mountain Pathfinder Trolleys

The accessory console holds a mobile phone, score card, golf balls & tees, with extra storage space in the mesh basket and velour-lined valuables pouch.


The Pathfinder trolleys will be available via the Brand Fusion website.