The PGA Tour’s revised tournament schedule for 2018-19 caused plenty of heads to turn when it was originally announced. Now, more than a year on from its unveiling, the PGA Tour season is nearly finished with many people praising the adjustment of the calendar. There are just two PGA Tour events remaining this season with the BMW Championship and Tour Championship to be played in August. Golf fans can use the genting casino promo code to wager on the golfer they believe will win the two tournaments as the PGA Tour season comes to an end. 

With the PGA Tour’s new calendar now proving to be successful, the organisation has announced next season will see new events added. 

The 2019-20 PGA Tour schedule

The 2018-19 PGA Tour calendar saw all four major tournaments concluded by July 21st. The moving of the PGA Championship from September to May completely changed the complexion of the PGA Tour in 2018-19. It gave golfers and fans a condensed timeframe between the four events with them all coming in consecutive months.

To accomplish the new schedule, the PGA cut down its event calendar with 46 tournaments being played. Now, with golfers and fans familiar with the schedule, three more events will be added in 2019-20. Greenbrier’s A Military Tribute and the Houston Open will return to the PGA Tour along with two brand-new tournaments. 

The 2019 season will officially end on August 25th with the Tour Championship being played in Georgia. The PGA Tour is, for the most part, a year-round circuit and less than a month after the 2018-19 season ends, the 2019-20 schedule will begin. On September 15th, the re-introduced Greenbrier A Military Tribute will be played in West Virginia to tee things off.

What is new with the PGA Tour 2019-20?

The PGA has made some adjustments to the opening of the 2019-20 season. Rather than start in October as it did last year, the new season will tee off in mid-September. The biggest change is the number of events that will take place between September and November in what is called the PGA Tour’s opening segment.

The opening segment will see a massive 11 events played. It is quite a big decision to begin the new season less than one month after the current term, but to also play nearly a dozen tournaments’s before Christmas is bold. Although the prize purses are large on some of these tournaments, they lack the glamour of other bigger events. In addition, some of the PGA Tour’s biggest names are not always evolved.

According to the PGA, once the season reaches January, the 2019-20 schedule will be nearly identical to the one this term. One of the reasons for the modified tour next year is due to the Summer Olympics, which will see many of the world’s top golfers compete in Japan.

The new schedule has led to numerous golf fans criticizing the PGA’s organization of events. Some have claimed the schedule is too “crammed” and there are too many events. Others have critised the PGA Tour for not putting enough tournaments (or any) in the various regions of the United States. 

The good news for golf fans is, they will get to see plenty of PGA Tour events in 2019-20.