If you thought you were having a bad day at work, wait until you hear about this unlucky looper

A caddie who claimed he was fired after 24 hours has revealed he has been sacked once again… just two months later.

Brent Henley – who has over 20 years experience as a caddie on the PGA Tour – made initial headlines in March when he tweeted that his new unnamed employer had given him the chop after just one day.

Henley also stated that he didn’t even get a chance to carry the anonymous player’s bag before getting the boot.

Now, just two months later, Henley revealed he has been given his marching orders once more.

Taking to Twitter yet again, Henley announced the news in an epic rant, revealing that he feels harshly treated after years of experience in the game.

Despite the outburst, Henley again vowed to not release the identity of the oppressor. Although when pressed on the matter, the bagman did say he β€œunderstood his thinking”.

Henley has previously held the bag for the likes of Robert Garrigus and most recently Hoag Bo, but will be hoping his next employer keeps it strictly golf, rather than a third successive game of ping pong.

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