Ever thought about what a proper warm up might do for your game? Paul Waring takes us through his routine to see what you can learn from him

How many of us turn up on the 1st tee, without having made as much as a practice swing, and then wonder why we can barely hit the ball for the first three holes? Maybe we didn’t have time for a pre-round warm-up, maybe we’re being lazy, but it’s no surprise that our half-hearted efforts mean our scores really suffer.

To find out what we should do, I called in European Tour player Paul Waring to take us through his pre-round practice routine.

I visited Paul at his home club Bromborough, on the Wirral, where he gave me a step-by-step guide to ensure I’m ready to play at my best when it’s time to get a competition under way.

Pre-round warm up: Key point

Start on the putting green and use a mirror, preferably one that allows you to set up a gate. That makes sure the basics are really good – that you know where the putter is aiming and that you can start the ball on line.

You can check ball position, eye line, that the ball is rolling correctly and, for 10 minutes, hole some confidence boosting putts.

Watch the full video for more on pre-round preparation from Paul.