Everyone loves a par 3. But do you love them when the tee box is way below or above the green? Come and let us know

We like talking about the little things that make golf so special to us, and we know you do too. This week we’ve been discussing par 3 holes with drastic elevation changes. Here’s a snippet of the discussion…

Alex: Yes. Love them. Either way but prefer to go down. Hannah introduced me to the term “donkey drop” for a dramatic downhill par 3, which is such a good name. I would say my favourite par 3s are where the green is about 20 feet below the tee box.

My favourite par 3 hole: 12th at Okehampton

Hannah: Some of my favourite par 3 memories are on donkey drops. They are wonderfully creative and test your ball-striking ability. 

My favourite par 3 hole: 13th at Hollinwell

Dan: No, I hate them with a passion. Given the choice, I would rather play uphill on a par 3 than downhill. Golf to me is a game played in an element of wind and the combination of a short iron in your iron, an elevated tee and anything more than a zephyr is undesirable. To me, it just takes all the skill and finesse out of the game. 

My favourite par 3 hole: 9th at the Machrie

Steve: One goes up and one goes down – two holes above all illustrate my love for altitude sickness par 3s. You’ve got only a marker to guide you on Himalayas at Prestwick and the uncertainty over where a well-struck shot has finished once you’ve hit over the hill is half the fun. Then the 3rd on the Duke’s course, at Woburn, is not only a panorama of purple, it’s a proper test of distance control. Give me these over 200 yards in a flat straight line any day.

My favourite par 3 hole: 5th at Prestwick

Now we want to here from you. Do you like par 3 holes with drastic elevation changes? You can get tell us in the comments below, or you tweet us.

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