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LPGA player Brooke Pancake signs sponsorship deal

Sponsorships are a huge deal (pun intended) for the modern golfer, bringing in tonnes of dough each year.

But while someone like Rory McIlroy benefits from deals with Nike, Bose and Omega, other lesser-known players have to batter for attention, unless fate flips them an unfair advantage.

This was the case with 24-year-old LPGA tour player Brooke Pancake, who this week announced a sponsorship deal with American fast food company Waffle House.

“What an exciting, fun day,” she posted on Instagram, presumably initiating the first Waffle Wars in the Pancake household. “And to think this all began when I announced on national television that I actually like waffles more than pancakes… on National Pancake Day.”
‘I prefer waffles over pancakes anyway’ The University of Alabama graduate will now endorse Waffle House on social media and visit branches near LPGA events, but despite having a Pancake on the menu, Waffle House president Walk Ehmer said the company will not be changing the food it offers.

“This will be the first time that the Waffle Nation will be cheering for a Pancake,” Ehmer added: “Brooke exemplifies hard work, southern charm and a contagious personality which makes her a great representative of Waffle House.”

What other celebrity endorsements are just waiting to happen in the world of golf?
We’ve thought of Hubba Bubba Watson and Luke McDonalds, but use the comments section below to give us your ideas.

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