Open Golf: Weather forecast from Muirfield

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Friday promises sun all day with cloud cover to set in over the weekend

Weather forecasters are predicting another glorious day of sunshine over Muirfield as The Open enters its second day.

Temperatures are expected to peak at around 22 degrees between 15.00 and 16.00, with lows of around 18 degrees as play draws to a close tonight. 

Winds are expected to remain low throughout the morning and increase as we get into the afternoon, with a 10mph breeze predicted to blow across the course this afternoon. The direction of the wind is not expected to change throughout the day, blowing from east to west off the Firth of Forth.

Although no rain is forecast for the remainder of the week, temperatures are expected to drop slightly as we head into the weekend, with more cloud cover expected through Saturday and Sunday. A solid easterly breeze is predicted, peaking at around 12mph on Sunday afternoon.

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