OPEN GOLF: Tiger Woods' 2-iron

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Tiger Woods is approaching the first round of this year’s Open very sensibly, and is not risking missing the fairways with wayward drives. Instead, he’s hitting stinging bullet 2-irons that are setting up birdie chances.

Woods’ 2-iron is actually a 3-iron that is bent to 2-iron loft. The head is from Nike’s mid-range VR_S Forged line and offers exceptional feel and forgiveness.

Tiger found he wasn’t getting the most out of the club, though, as it was flying a bit too low and spinning too high on full shots. He therefore made a shaft change – he swapped out the Dynamic Gold X100s he uses in his other irons for Project X’s new PXi – a graphite-looking steel shaft that launches higher and spins less.

It is also eight grammes lighter in the same flex, which will help improve launch.

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