• Scot Martin Laird also saw his tournament dream ruined after taking nine at the par-four third. He shanked his tee shot into unplayable rough 50 yards right of the fairway. 
  • Hideki Matsuyama received a penalty for slow play today. The Japanese player was three shots off the lead when he penalised at the 17th.
  • How the holes ranked on Friday (1st being the hardest)

 1 10th
 2 14th
 3 11th
 4 4th
 5 16th
 6 T2
 7 12
 8 T2
 9 18
10 9th 
11 15th
12 17th
13 8th
14 7th
15 1st
16 5th
17 13th
18 6th

  • Todd Hamilton leads the way for Greens in Regulation. Chris Wood is tied for second and has hit more fairways than anyone but still teed off at +7.
  • Wood also the most consistent in terms of scoring; three 75s so far this week.
  • Weather update; cloud will continue to break with lengthening sunny spells. Cloud to increase at the end of the day.
  • The crowds for Friday were again down on 2002 despite the brilliant weather – 29,144 came through the gates compared to 34,479 11 years ago.