American based golf bag and accessory manufacturer Ogio have announced a new Silencer range of cart and stand golf bags aimed at eliminating ‘bag chatter’.

Both models in this new range feature what Ogio are calling the Silencer Club Protection System, a feature that rids the common clattering noise between clubs in a bag that is so common on course.

Clubs lock into the bag to prevent movement when housed within the bag and therefore eliminates the possibility of club heads clashing and making that infuriating metal on metal clattering noise.


A molded top with high-grade polymer membranes holds the heads securely at the top, while a molded bottom with flex grab teeth locks them firmly in place at the grip end. So when you’re on the move, the only noise you’ll hear will be the sound of your footsteps rather than your irons continually clattering into each other.

Both bags in the range feature a fleece-lined valuables pocket, an easy grab trunk-style handle, seven pockets, an insulated water bottle pocket, nine zippered pockets, a pen sleeve and a divot tool sleeve.

SRPs: Silencer stand bag £189/ Chamber Cart bag £249
Available: TBC

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