Holing putts with any degree of regularity involves a combination of feel and technique. It is a fact that you can’t find the target without accurately judging both the pace and line.

It is also the case that it makes no difference how well you read a putt if you are unable to execute your stroke in the desired fashion. Frankly, few of us pay enough attention to the art – and at least part-science – of reading greens but then again there is little point without the ability to line up properly.

One of the main reasons for this is one eye being dominant over the other and so creating a discrepancy between where we think we are aiming and where we are actually aiming.

This is where Odyssey’s new Versa putters come in.

They call it ‘visionary high contrast alignment’ and what that means is that these putters make it easier to line the blade up perpendicular to the target line. You can choose a black putter with a white top line or a white putter with a black top line – whichever looks strongest to your eye.

These putters make it easier to line the blade up perpendicular to the target line Stand over a putt and the effect becomes immediately obvious.

Odyssey are offering a Versa in many of their most popular styles – from the futuristic #7 wielded so successfully by Luke Donald to the classic blade #9 preferred by Phil Mickelson and the legendary 2-Ball.

The Versa also works during the stroke – your eye follows the blade on the way back and through.

I would suggest it works most strongly on those whose putting stroke is square-to-square because if who open the face on the way back and close it again as you go through, you may find it a little off-putting to see the blade rotating throughout the stroke.