Odyssey Stroke Lab putters review: The results

I love the idea of these putters and if there’s not an Odyssey head shape you can get along with then I suggest you book yourself in for a lesson as soon as possible.

These also look premium as well which is an important factor considering the price.

I tested three head shapes – #7, #3 and a Double Wide – at Moor Allerton in December.

Odyssey Stroke Lab putters review

The greens were wet and slow but I was very impressed with how the ball was rolling and it wasn’t an effort to get it up to the hole at all.

Myself and the team have been doing a fair bit of indoor testing with these as well and everyone loves the feel off the face and the consistent roll.

Of the three head shapes, the #7 is the one for me as it has blade-like precision while still offering a bit of stability and forgiveness.

So does the Stroke Lab technology work?

Well, it’s far too early to draw any meaningful conclusions as I think you’d need to do a lot of testing with a Stroke Lab putter and compare the data with a putter which doesn’t include that tech.

What I can say is that these three putters all seem to be working very well but we’d like to put them through their paces a bit more before concluding they are going to change our games.

So will the Odyssey Stroke Lab putter be going in our expert’s bag? Read his verdict on the next page…