Odyssey have announced the launch of an innovative new putter that allows players to change the face insert in order to have better control over performance and feel.

The new design blends the classic Odyssey White Ice insert with the newly designed Metal-X insert and allows players to adapt the putter to better cope with both course and weather conditions.

The White Ice insert is primarily designed to enhance sound, responsiveness and distance control, while the Metal-X insert has the benefit of a softer feel designed to create optimum touch around the greens.

A screwdriver, which also doubles as a divot tool, allows players to adapt their putter to specific needs before a round begins, increasing the usefulness of practice on the putting green prior to teeing off.

Additionally, the new Flip Face putter will be available in three different designs to give players maximum choice over aspects such as weight and pick up.

Expect to pay £279.