Hello. So after the bleep-filled hour that was episode 1 of Not Another Golf Podcast with Eddie Pepperell, they actually let us make another one.

In this episode, Ben and I are previewing the Masters (obviously!) and to help us do that we’ve got two guests.

First up is the fourth most famous Justin in golf, Justin Ray, and the second most famous Casey in golf, Phil Casey.

Justin is the boss when it comes to golf statistics and data, and his segment of the podcast is as fascinating as anything you’ll ever hear. I don’t even know why we bother being on it, we should have just let Justin talk for an hour. He also has some interesting information about this guy…

golf podcast

Phil, meanwhile, is a golf writer with the Press Association, which means you will have read a lot of his work but, such is the nature of agency journalism, may not know it. Phil gives us a cool insight into what it’s like to be at Augusta in a working capacity and how he actually managed to play the course the day after the tournament finished one year…


You can listen to episode 1 with Not Another Golf Podcast here.

About Not Another Golf Podcast

Ben Coley, of Sporting Life, and I go way back (at least 2013) and we’ve been talking about doing a golf podcast for a while.

We decided we would just create something that included a few minutes of chat followed by at least one interesting guest. Have we peaked too soon? We’ll see…

So here we are, and we hope you like it – because if you don’t they may not let us make any more.

You can follow Ben and me on Twitter at @BenColeyGolf and @AlexPerryNCG respectively.