Tiger's (probably) pumped about our round up of 2019 where we dish out some awards and chat to everyone's favourite golf blogger Meghan MacLaren

Hello. Guess who’s back? Back again. Alex and Ben are back. Tell a friend. That’s enough of that. We’ve done an end-of-year special of Not Another Golf Podcast, in which we hand out awards – some serious, some not so much – and LET golfer Meghan MacLaren joins us on the line to chat about her year and career going forward. It’s long, but films are long and you never complain about that. Enjoy.

About Not Another Golf Podcast

Ben Coley, of Sporting Life, and I go way back (at least 2013) and we’ve been talking about doing a golf podcast for a while.

We decided we would just create something that included a few minutes of chat followed by at least one interesting guest. Have we peaked too soon? We’ll see…

So here we are, and we hope you like it – because if you don’t they may not let us make any more.

You can listen to more episodes here as well as all the usual places (please leave a review!) and you can follow Ben and me on Twitter at @BenColeyGolf and @AlexPerryNCG respectively.