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If you suffer from back pain, this article will be manna from heaven...

Northcroft Golf specialise in products designed to help golfers who struggle when bending over, or suffer from bad knees, hips or a bad back.

And with this problem affecting so many golfers at some point in their life, there’s a good chance most of those reading this would benefit from at least one of their products.

These are problems that can totally ruin the sport we love as it becomes painful to do simple things like teeing up your ball, collecting it from the hole or repairing divot marks.

These are worries which Northcroft Golf can solve thanks to their vast range of products that will help you be able to finally play pain free again.

Northcroft Golf have launched a range of innovative golfing aids that have been specifically designed for those suffering from back and knee problems.

The Northcroft Ball Lifter Plus is a new addition to the range and offers amazing versatility, appealing to golfers at every level.

The ball lifter fits snugly onto the handle of the putter and enables the golfer to mark their ball and retrieve both ball and marker without bending down.

The ball lifter will fit any putter grip and can be easily removed so that the putter may be stored in the dedicated sleeve on the outside of your golf bag.
Back problems are worries which Northcroft Golf can solve thanks to their vast range of products that will help you be able to finally play pain free again. The Northcroft Backsaver System is a unique, patented product which goes one step further, making the game accessible even to those for whom bending really is out of the question.

There need never be any restriction to your game again, as the Northcroft Backsaver System not only enables the golfer to lift, retrieve and mark the ball without bending, but also incorporates an extremely efficient pitchmark repairer device.

The Northcroft Backsaver System fits securely onto the end of your putter and comes with a range of useful accessories, as well as an instruction DVD.

All Northcroft products are designed to maintain the pace of play and, indeed, will significantly speed things up for those who find bending difficult.

The Backsaver System and Ball Lifter Plus are invaluable for golfers with back and knee problems, providing the ultimate solution on the green.

Both products are available either separately or as a very cost effective combination pack, and make ideal presents.

Let T-Zee take the strain

For many golfers the act of repeatedly bending to place and retrieve their tees is an age-old problem that can significantly spoil their enjoyment of the game.

However, Northcroft have now launched a really effective solution to the problem: the T-Zee.

By simply placing the ball and tee into the jaws of the T-Zee before pushing down firmly to set them into the ground and then sliding the T-Zee away, the ball and tee are prepared for your shot without any need for bending at all.

The T-Zee is simple to use, easy to store and also allows you to collect your tee with ease.

The T-Zee is the perfect complement to the range of back and knee-saving solutions designed by Northcroft, who are now marketing the T-Zee worldwide.

It is available to buy either with the Ball Lifter Plus or The Backsaver, providing the perfect solution from tee to green when bending is a pain.

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