North West: Gangs breaks into Merseyside club

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A gang of thieves broke into Heswall GC in a desperate search for cash.

A gang of thieves escaped with just £100 after breaking into a Merseyside golf club and causing damage in their search for cash.

Police were called to the Merseyside club after a member who lives nearby rang the emergency services when he heard alarms sounding.

Although general manager Graham Capewell described the gang as “professional”, he added that they “didn’t get away with much”.

Mr Capewell said he believed around £100 was taken and security patrols have been stepped up at the club.
‘They were proficient in what they were doing’ Officers were called at 3am and discoverd doors had been smashed in and offices and cupboards raided in their search for cash.

Mr Capewell added: “They have obviously got a means of getting in and around because we are quite secure – we have a full alarm system and CCTV.”

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police confirmed an investigation is underway.

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