Nike’s VR Pro wedge was launched earlier this year to great acclaim.

Forged from soft steel, with impressive X3X grooves and a classy, compact shape, it offered better players consistent performance.

One thing they noticed, though, was that their tour players were requesting a specific sole grind in the higher lofts.

Through feedback, the engineers came up with the Dual Sole (DS), which is designed to improve versatility.

The Dual Sole, simply put, features added leading edge bounce and relief on the trailing edge. This eliminates digging but also reduces contact area so the club glides through the turf. It also helps to prevent blading.

On open-face shots, Nike have relieved the heel, and this means that when it is laid flat, the leading edge sits flush and you can get right underneath the ball.


SRP: £89.95
LOFTS: 56, 58 & 60˚  LH? No
t: 08000 561 640