The Niggle Podcast: Episode 15 - The one with the festive cheer

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This week the gang decides what golf-related gift they would like to receive this Christmas. The results may surprise you.

Festive cheer permeates the Niggle Podcast office this week.

Regular host Tom Irwin joins Deputy Editor Mark Townsend, Club Golf Editor Steve Carroll and Equipment Editor James Savage. We kick off the show, as always when James is present, with a discussion about where our jet-setting equipment editor has been to. Last week he was in Florida because of the, now infamous, TaylorMade launch.

As usual, in addition to great chat, there is also a quiz – it’s yet another blinder.

Some festive gifts

Welcome to episode 14, not wait… 16…. hang on… episode 15.

Firstly, James Savage would like a trackman because he’d like to be able to work on his path/angle of attack. He is also looking for a stock draw off the tee with a driver, hence the desire to know where his path is.

Mark Townsend would like a simulator and therefore be able to play some of the world’s famous courses. He would let the others come round and play, but he would be charging for the privilege. Most of all, Mark would just like some trousers in addition to his other gifts. Finally Mark wants to have a lesson so that he can be told which hybrid he needs to get.

Lastly, Steve Carroll just wants a putting mat, with a couple of holes and a flag, as his Christmas golfing gift and therefore finally master putting. He’d also like to become a single-figure handicapper.

What would you like for a golfing Christmas? Let us know

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