In this week’s podcast, Editor Dan Murphy is at the helm, as regular host Tom Irwin us unavailable. Club golf editor Steve Carroll and deputy editor Mark Townsend join Dan to discuss this week’s golfing hot potatoes. Equipment editor James Savage is also absent due to a punishing schedule and a jet-setting lifestyle.

The main topic of discussion in the podcast this week is new year habits and rituals. These are the things we do consciously or sub-consciously to prepare for the golfing year ahead.

Niggle Podcast

Mark’s approach is to hit balls as early as possible in the new year. He has considerable experience in this area and has been known to be found, on his own, on the range at 7am on January the 1st. He has been to the range twice and joined a gym already this year.

January is usually a very busy time for Steve as he generally has a brand new set of irons to play with. He also mentions that he likes to clean them as soon as he gets back in the house.

Dan then reveals that he likes to get in the bath with his clubs. This inevitably leads to a grassy bath…

Steve has got himself a diary and obsesses about sunset times in order to get the most daylight hours for golf. Another reason that January is particularly busy for Steve is that he has recently become the club captain of Sandburn Hall golf club near York. He will be hitting the opening drive on April 1st 2017.

Wardrobe revelations

Dan likes to have a new item of apparel for the new year.

Mark has had a crocodile belt for roughly 9 months which still hasn’t seen the light of day. He also relives the horrifying moment that Dan decided to empty his golf bag in an effort to reduce the weight. A moment which he describes as “like watching someone kicking your mum’s head in…”

Steve has got a lovely leather scorecard holder which he purchased for the princely sum of £30 from Royal Troon.

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